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Jessie DSouza International owns this website and its contents.

Your privacy is something we value too. Please ensure you read the Privacy Policy before using the website to know how we collect, use, process and distribute your information, including Personal Data (as defined below) that you might enter to access certain components of the website. Your information will not be shared with anyone except as described in this policy, the use of which will also be limited to the purposes under this policy and terms of use.

Please note that we have the exclusive right to change the policy at any time. Any changes will be informed via email and/ or highlighted on the website.

In the event of your use of the website or its content, we assume your consent to the Privacy Policy, irrespective of whether you have or have not read it.


To ensure our users have a positive experience while using our website or its contents, we may collect a few personal details from you. Again, this will only be minimal information necessary for us to fulfil our obligation to you. These include:

1. Your name and email address in case you submit your contact form with any query you might have. We may use this info to send you marketing emails, depending on our understanding of your interest.
2. Billing information which includes your name, address and credit/ debit card information so we can process payment to deliver our products or services to you under our contractual obligation.B

By voluntarily giving us all this personal information, you are giving us the consent to use, collect and process it. You may feel free to send us a request to in case you want us to exclude you from any of our mails or delete your personal data.

You may not be able to utilize / access certain components of the website if you choose not to provide us with the required personal data.


Anonymous Data
We may use your IP address but again, that’s only to help us better diagnose any server problems and maintain high quality user experience of our website. We may also need this to study and identify heavily used areas of our website and display content in accordance to your preferences. Please note that this kind of traffic data collection does not follow your activities on any other websites in any way.

Use of “Cookies”
The standard “cookies” feature pertaining to the popular web browsers is something we may use. You may also feel free to disable this feature in your browser settings, but that might impact your experience with our website as some components might not work as expected.


Contact You
With the data we collect, we may contact you for the following:
1.  To answer your queries / concerns
2.  To deliver the programs / services you might sign up for
3.  To send marketing emails (this may depend on our evaluation of your interest), which you can always opt out of.

Data Storage / Sharing
Every piece of personal information you share with us is stored through secure internal systems. It may be accessed only by those who help to obtain, manage or store that information, or who have a legitimate need to know (i.e., our hosting provider, newsletter provider, payment processors or team members).

Data Retention
We may retain your personal information for a certain amount of time and that is only to cater to your requests / queries. The retention time might be longer, if required, for legal, contractual and accounting obligations.

We take every step to keep your personal information confidential. Unless required by the law or critical situations where it becomes necessary to defend our property / rights / licenses / violation of agreements & policies that we may be pushed to disclose your information.

User Credentials
To access certain components of the website or its content, you may need a username and password. You are held responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your credentials. Any activities done with your credentials is something we cannot control, so you are liable for any incidents that might occur due to your inability to protect the credentials. Make sure you do not share your credentials with others and always logout after every login session. You may inform us in case you get to know of any security breaches.

Your Right to Personal Data
You reserve the below rights:
1. You can always request for details on what personal information we use and how we do that.
2. You can request for a deletion of your personal information from our system.
3. You can object to our use of your personal information.
4. You can request for a change / edit in your personal information.
5. You can raise a complaint against us if you ever feel your personal information is being exploited in any way.

In case you want to unsubscribe from our mails or updates, you may use the unsubscribe link at the footer of all email communications. For any questions / issues, please contact us at

We do our best to make sure we protect the personal data you provide to us from misuse, disclosure or unauthorized access. We may only share it with trusted third parties. That being said, we cannot guarantee an error free protection from security breaches or technology glitches. If we ever come across a known data breach, you will be informed at the earliest.

Third Party Websites / Links
You may find third party links on our website. We clarify that we are not responsible for their content and activities just because they are linked to our website, and thus we cannot be held liable for your association with them. Please refer to their privacy policies and terms of use for guidelines.

Changes and Notification
We may use your personal information to communicate any changes to the website or its content. We also use your data to provide you with any additional information you might request. We have the exclusive right to change the policy, website or its contents at any time. Any changes will be informed via email and / or highlighted on the website. Please ensure you revisit the policy every now and then to make sure you are equipped with the latest changes.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, please write to us at


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