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Introducing the Freedom Accelerator Program

Discover my never-before-shared formula for building a business that pays you to do what you love, while having fun and freedom in the process

About This Coaching

The Freedom Accelerating Program is designed for online coaches and trainers who want to fast-track their business growth. With a focus on niche clarity, course creation, mindset, selling, marketing, and business strategy, this program provides the tools and resources needed to succeed in the online coaching and training industry.

What you will learn

Gain clarity on your niche and ideal client, to help you better tailor your coaching and training services to their needs.
create compelling and effective online courses that deliver value and results to your clients.
develop a success mindset that helps you overcome obstacles and achieve your business goals.
sell and market your coaching and training services, using proven strategies and tactics that attract and convert clients.

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Grow Your Business

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Accelerated business growth: The program provides targeted guidance and resources to help you grow your businesses faster and more efficiently than you would on your own.
Niche clarity: By gaining a clear understanding of your niche and ideal client, you can develop more effective marketing and business strategies that attract and retain clients.
Improved course creation: This program provides insights and strategies for creating compelling and effective online courses that deliver real value and results to your clients.
Success mindset: You learn how to develop a success mindset that enables you to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and achieve your business goals.
Effective selling and marketing: This program teaches you proven strategies and tactics for selling and marketing coaching and training services, enabling you to attract and convert more clients.
Long-term sustainability: By developing a solid business strategy, you can ensure the long-term sustainability and success of your online coaching or training businesses.

What People Say

"Jessie was all-in-one. Her Guidance, support and the right approach help me land my dream client as my first client. And, I cannot thank her enough. The mindset shift she helped me achieve is something I never thought was actually required to succeed until then.

Deepa Ramanathan, Freelancer

"Jessie is amazing! When the pandemic hit, I had to cut down on work to take care of my son and manage the house. But with Jessie's guidance, I slowly picked up the pieces and within the last 1.5 months, I earned 2.4 Lacs from my work. Although it's less than what I used to make before the pandemic, I'm grateful for everything the Universe is sending my way. In addition, Jessie helped me change my money mindset, and as a result, I received money from other investments too. I'm truly grateful for everything that Jessie has done for me and continues to do for me. Thank you, Jessie!."

Misha Negi, Copywriter

"Jessie is really AMAZING at her work. I recently got my sales page audited with Jessie and it was mind blowing. Initially I didn't felt the need to get the audit as I felt I have covered almost all aspect of a sales page but I was not getting any client closures. So I decided to go ahead and get my page audited and I was surprised by the insights I got. I realised how much my sales page lacked and how many things I was missing. I would really like to thank Jessie helping me with it and making me realise the critical issues with sales and how important it is to get it audited by a professional to increase your sales. Thank you so much Jessie. I highly recommend her for her service and I can vouch for her quality services"

Komal Gupta, Founder at Wecomm Digital

"Hey Jessie. I just can't thank you enough for the consultation and above all the motivation. Out of 17 years of corporate experience, I could not think beyond the domain I was from. I never ever could think of the different roles I may even get into and potray. I was so so nervous but you not only eased me and made comfortable of this online world.

Now I realise what I was missing...you actually made me realise that the root cause of my suffering was not my work but my over commitments. I was always worried about my academia and my failures...but now no more. Man, I have been a career coach to professionals but could never think this way.
Hats off to your approach. Now I have no second thoughts about my successful career while being at home.
Thank you Jessie for this life transforming session...looking forward for rest.

This is one of the bestest and most profitable investment I have ever done to myself. Am sorry for long post but words just not seem to justify this experience.."

Juhi Kaushik, Resume Writer

"It has been around 10 months since I took your consultation. And my, what 10 months these have been..!! 10 life changing months. 10 months of feeling worthless to exploring new options every day and successfully too..!!!

With your guidance, I started exploring my Linkedin profile for the right kind of clients. And here I am.. 10 months down the line.. Working for some great international clients. Getting paid in Euros and US Dollars..And better than what I ever dreamed was possible while staying at home, doing what I love, and according to the timelines that suit me..
I am so so thankful to you..Just signed a new international client yesterday (and yes, took the lead from one of your postings). I am hoping to close this financial year in a big way. thanks to you for leading me and then being present all this while and being patient with my endless questions on messenger.

Much much gratitude..."

Ritu Khanna, Content Writer

"I have been working with Jessie for over three months and feel grateful for her guidance in understanding different options for starting a career from home. With Jessie's help, I have gained confidence, direction, and access to the right tools and resources needed for my success. Jessie encouraged me to think creatively and independently, which was challenging after 11 years of working in a corporate setting. Despite personal challenges, Jessie's words of encouragement helped me persevere. Today, I’m working according to Jessie's guidelines, thinking creatively, networking more, and stepping up slowly but surely. I’m grateful for Jessie's empowerment and enabling of women like me, moving from fear to focus and self-doubt to confidence."

Manasi Shah, Social Media Manager

"I recently had a conversation with my client based in Canada, and they gave me positive feedback on my work. It's amazing to see how everything has come together over the past few months, and I owe it all to you, Jessie. Your unwavering consistency has truly paid off. I am getting closer and closer to reaching my income goal and I am confident that I will achieve it soon. Thank you for being such an inspiration to people like me who started from scratch. Your support has put me on the fast track to success.."

Dr. Rashmi Byakodi, Health and Wellness writer

About Jessie DSouza

Jessie gives you the tools you need to succeed.

I’m Jessie, a Digital Business Coach. I am on a mission to help 100,000 Coaches and Trainers build a Freedom Lifestyle through their skills, expertise and using the psychology of persuasion. And, that’s why I created the Freedompreneur School Hub.

And I preach that you should never chase your next dollar. You should be able to define your freedom goals. You're destined to live an abundant life and you deserve to be well-off.

Enrollment Now Open

Secure your place on this course before our limited enrollment closes

Frequently Asked Questions

How to I access the Freedom Accelerator Program? 

Once the payment is made, you will get access to Freedompreneur School Hub learning platform, community and access to other courses within 24 hours via email.

I am a procrastinator and I tend to put things off when it feels boring. I am afraid, I will do the same with this coaching. Can you help me?

Yes, the program can help you overcome procrastination and stay motivated. The program offers strategies and techniques for staying focused and productive, as well as support and accountability from your coach and peers. Additionally, the program is designed to be engaging and interactive, with a variety of activities and exercises to keep you motivated and inspired.

I have taken coaching from other coaches in the past. How is this different?

The Freedom Accelerator Program is a business coaching program designed to help you fast track your growth. One of the key differences between this program and other coaching programs you may have experienced is that it's designed specifically for coaches & trainers who want to build and scale their businesses. The program offers a structured approach to business growth and provides step-by-step guidance to help you achieve your goals.

When are the coaching sessions held?

The coaching sessions will scheduled at your convenience. You will get access to my online calendar and you can book the sessions at your convenience.

I want to become a Coach, but I haven’t coached before. Will this program help me?

Yes, the program can help you if you want to become a coach but haven't coached before. The program offers training and resources on coaching techniques, as well as business development and marketing strategies. You'll also have access to a community of other coaches and trainers, which can be a valuable source of support and guidance.

Do you offer Money back guarantee?

Yes, This is uniqueness of this program. This is the first time ever I am offering a money back guarantee in the one-on-one coaching program. You show up for all the 24 coaching calls and implement everything I teach in the coaching program. If you still don't make any money within 1 year, you will get 100% money back. This is my promise to you, so that you can take the plunge and experience it yourself.

Enrollment Now Open

Secure your place on this course before our limited enrollment closes

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